Espresso 96 – Concord’s Best Café

Espresso 96 – Concord’s Best Café

We believe that at our café, we are feeding the soul through our smiles and nourishing the body through our fresh food.

While we’ve heard people argue that life can still be full without delicious coffee, we simply don’t agree. We live for the smell of those tiny beans that deliver so much roasted happiness to our day, and we take such joy in sharing one of life’s greatest pleasures with our neighbours here in Concord. It’s this passion that is the driving force behind our mission to serve up fresh healthy food and delicious coffee in the heart of Concord.

Located on Majors Bay Road, Espresso 96 is a full service Cafe serving ALL DAY MENU, both breakfast and lunch. We’ve got plenty of tasty, nutritious and life giving options for everyone, from healthy and wholesome to the perfect cheat day option. Our café menu features wide range of Organic, Paleo suitable, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Vegan favorites, as well as all the classics any carnivore would love.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick takeaway for your commute or having a leisurely breakfast with us, our friendly and experienced staffs are always eager to provide you with a warm and inviting service making you feel right at home.

Our café is also dog friendly so the pooches can come down and enjoy a fresh water bowl with a Schmacko any day of the week.

We proudly serve our own blend of coffee, SAMSARA roasted locally by Adore Coffee Roasters. It is a three bean medium roast blend with notes of Sweet Caramel & Rich Chocolate. Our friends at Adore Coffee Roasters are equipped with the greatest innovations in ethical coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing, which ensures that our every cup delivers the specialty coffee experience for you.

Not a coffee lover? Not to worry! We also have a great range of Organic Tea, with options ranging from English Breakfast, White tea with Rose petals to a complex homemade magic of Authentic Traditional Chai Tea.

Let’s change our lives with a great start to the day, whether that is through a smile first thing in the morning, a heartfelt conversation or just a great smoothie or coffee to energise.

The café’s goal is simply to be a place to connect with people that care, to make it simple to find innovative and exciting healthy, fresh food .

Come, visit us for great coffee, delicious food and a warm atmosphere that will keep you coming back.

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